Jan 3, 2016

Pago in the Elven Garden

It's the year of monkey, but I draw Pago, the pancake gorilla. He always puts the pancake on his head as a hat but eats it when he is hungry, and of course he shares it with his best friend, the rounded bird and also elves this time! They are visiting in the tiny elves' garden.

I went to old towns in south Germany few months ago, and I just wanted to to add something I had seen there. I especially loved the orange-roof houses in Rothenburg. It was a great experience to see the contrast of the dark history and beautiful decorative buildings.

Wishing you all the peaceful, healthy, and sharing year of 2016!

"Pago in the Elven Garden"
Acrylics and colored pencils on the watercolor paper.

Jan 3, 2015

 "The Dream of the Sheep" Acrylic on Canvas. The bean brothers and the girl are continuing the journey. The sheep is flying like the cloud and carrying the berry.I hope you all are surrounded by warmness this sheep year! 

Dec 30, 2013

The Dream of the Flying Horse

It's going to be the year of the horse next year!
It's one of "the dream series" of my illustrations with the green-hair girl and three peas. They are going on the journey in different places.
The first one was with the pink elephant, second one was with the smiling camel, and this is the third one with the flying horse!

Acrylics and inks on the watercolor paper.

Wishing you all have a wonderful new year 2014!

Jul 15, 2013

"dpi" Illustration Magazine in Taiwan

My illustrations and interview was featured on "dpi" illustration magazine in Taiwan for 6 pages! Since I haven't done the freelance jobs for a while, I'm not sure how they could find my illustrations....
Hope someday I can go back to the freelance illustrator....
Thank you so much, people who works in the dip magazine in Taiwan!!


dpi Vol. 171

Jan 4, 2013

"The Owls and the Turquoise Flow" Acrylics on Canvas  © 2013 fumikoala

It's been a while since I updated the last post... 
I wish you all the warm and happy new year 2013!! 
It's the year of snake, so I painted the huge snake flying in the sky on the background as the turquoise flow.

Jan 5, 2012

The Sea Dragon

It's been a year since I updated the last post... Time goes so fast....  I was really lucky that all my family, my friends, and I are not affected seriously by the 3.11 earthquake disaster. It still remains so much problems, and I just wish that things get better....

Talking about myself, I got the full-time job right before the disaster, and I've been working as the surface designer for interior and products at the printing company. I don't have much time to create the new art but finally had a chance to make the new year's card.

I painted the sea horse. It's the year of dragon in Chinese zodiac in 2012, and we call the sea horse as the baby dragon in Japanese.

I just wish you all a happy, healthy, and peaceful year 2012.

"The Sea Dragon"
Acrylic and ink on watercolor paper.
I just wanted to paint something peaceful using the icon of the dragon. The little scrolls are representing the wishes and hopes.
The little bubbles are born from the deep cold sea, fly to the sky, and gather with everyone to create the warm cloud.

Dec 21, 2010

The Snow Bunny Festival

The Snow Bunny Festival
It's going to be the year of rabbit in 2011, so I created the snow bunny illustration. The bunnies are making the huge bunnies with the snow on top of their houses. They use the leaves for the ears, and the berries for the eyes.
Acrylics, ink, and the colored pencil on paper.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and peaceful holiday season!


"Laconic" and Holiday Cards

 My postcard illustration for the jewelry store "Laconic" was featured on the Malaysian fashion magazine "NEW ICON for him"! I wish I could read Chinese.... Thanks so much, Laconic!!!
and my ex-co-worker from the design studio in NY sent me the boxes of the holiday cards that I designed before!! I've created hundreds of the greeting cards but never been able to find them in any store.... I'm so happy to see them!!!  One on the left was in Spanish!! Thank you~~!!

"Laconic Jewelry Postcard" Illustration

The Boxes of the Holiday Cards!!

Dec 19, 2010

No Smoking Poster

No Smoking Poster #2
No Smoking Poster #1
Wishing you a happy and healthy rest of the year and the new year!!
 These are the licensed designs. Contact me if you are interested in using them!


Nov 28, 2010

The Wedding Bunny Balloon

The Wedding Bunny Balloon
My best friend just got married!!
Congratulations, Yuyu!!
My bunnies are the symbols of happiness, peace, and love :)
Best wishes for you two!!

Acrylics and ink on canvas.


この絵はウェルカムボード、色紙、”結婚しました” ポストカード(来年は卯年なので、年賀状も兼ねてます)用に描きました。

Nov 4, 2010

Pinguins, the Pink Penguins

ピンクペンギンの ぴんぎん絵本の新しい絵が3つほどできました〜。デザインフェスタ(ブース# F-176)で紙芝居をやるので、遊びに来て下さいね。

These are the new illos for my children's book " Pinguins, the Pink Penguin". I'll be showing these at Design Festa (my booth # is F-176). Looking forward to seeing you all!

Oct 21, 2010

Pago's Children's Book

Here is my children's book "PAGO, the Pancake Gorilla". I'm still looking for the publisher! Anyone? Anywhere?
I'll be showing the Pago's book and Pinguin book with some new color illustrations @ DK Shirogane's booth at Design Festa next month. He is the figure making professional and made Pago and Pinguins. I will be selling the new postcards of Pago and Pinguins. If you have a chance, please come!

@Tokyo Big Sight West
Nov. 6th (Sat) and 7th (Sun), 2010   11AM - 7PM
Booth F-176 "DK Shirogane"
Lawson ticket  L-code: 39489 

ぱごちゃんとぴんぎんのフィギュアを作ってくれたDKしろがねさんのブースにて紙芝居をすることになりました〜。ただいまぴんぎん絵本のカラーの絵を増やしております〜。フィギュアとポストカード販売をします〜。 ぜひお友達をさそってみにきてください〜(^__^)/


Thanks soooooo much for coming to the exhibition!! I'm so glad to see you all and spent great time.
I put some photos of you here, but if you have problem showing your face online, please let me know! It should be small enough, no one could recognize that is you, I think ;p If you want the bigger size images, let me know!

”fumikoala展”に来て下さったみなまさ、NALUcafeのスタッフの方々、本当にどうもありがとうございました! たくさんの方に見て頂き、うれしいメッセージもたくさん頂き幸せなひとときでした! 写真載せちゃいましたが〜顔が分からないくらい小さくしたのですが、もしお困りでしたらご連絡ください〜!写真が欲しい方もメールくださいね〜。

Oct 4, 2010

The Reception and the "Yumekon", the Charity Concert

第7回彩の国ゆめコンサート終わりました〜。たくさんのじーんとくるすてきな歌を聴いて感動して涙がでました。大きなスクリーンに私の絵が写っていました〜らら〜〜。あと車いすの人たちが楽しそうに手を叩いてる姿もかわいくて、みていてうれしくなりました。 参加させてもらえて本当によかったです。どうもありがとうございました。
The charity concert was really successful! I was so impressed by all the artists and so happy to get involved. It was a really heart-warming concert, and I just want to thank everyone who was there!! My illustration was on the back screen when my friend was singing.  All the people on the wheel chairs were so excited and it's just so nice to see their happy faces.

NALUcafe(渋谷区神宮前4-9-2神宮前MMビル1F) にて個展がはじまりました。なんとDKしろがねさんが作ったぴんぎん兄弟(ピンクペンギン)とぱごちゃん(パンケーキゴリラ)のフィギュアも展示/販売しております!樹脂でひとつひとつ丁寧に作られた作品です。ぜひ絵本と一緒に見ていって下さい!原画も含めて30点以上展示してあります。詳しくはこちらです。
These are the photos from my solo exhibition @ NALU cafe Omotesando, Tokyo.  I brought about 30 pieces including 2 children's book dummies. And my friend made the figures of Pinguis (pink penguins) and Pago (Pancake Gorilla)!!! These are made by the resin, and the quality is sooooo great!! Check DK Shirogane's website to see more detail pics, and the reception details are here.

The reception is on Oct. 9th Sat. 6-8pm. If you have a chance, please come and join!! It's not the party but I just want to enjoy eating and drinking together with everyone. If you cannot make it, I'll be there also on 10th at the lunch time. Hope I can meet you there!

Sep 13, 2010

The Song of the Flowers

”第7回 彩の国ゆめコンサート”

2010. 10. 2 (土)彩の国さいたま芸術劇場
小ホール (320席 車いす席あり)
開場17:00 開演17:30 終演20:00
チケット 前売り・当日 1900円  ご予約  090-9324-4661(大野) 
"Sainokuni (Saitama-city) Dream Concert vol.7"

Oct. 2nd, 2010 @ Saitama-city Art Theater 
5:30PM - 8PM     Ticket 1900yen
It's the charity concert for the disabled people.
It's a shame that the welfare system in Japan is really bad and behind. It was shocking to know that the disabled people didn't have the same rights as the healthy people. My friend Yu Asagiri a.k.a. Dacco, on the wheel chair for her entire life, has been fighting to change the unfair laws for them.  She started this charity concert in 2003 and tried to connect people with music and art.
Please come to the show to feel their amazing energy, and it is going to be a big help for them and also encourage them!  
My illustration will be on the back screen when my other friend Yoko sings the song of the flowers. I used the acrylics and colored pencils on the watercolor paper. The Hibiscus fairy is playing "sanshin", the traditional instrument from Okinawa, the south islands of Japan. Her father will play it while she is singing.  I'll sell some postcards at the entrance.
If you don't speak Japanese and have a problem buying the ticket or have any other questions, please feel fee to contact me.
Hope to see you all!!

Sep 9, 2010

"fumikoala展” Solo Exhibition

2010年10月1日(金) - 15日(金)
 @NALU Cafe Omotesando
年中無休 午前11時から午後11まで

 そのほか、10月1日の午前11時からと、10月10日または11日はNALU cafeにてランチをしようと思っています。席には目印に何か置いておくので、ぜひ声をかけて下さい!

fumikoala Solo Exhibition
Oct. 1st- 15th, 2010 @NALU cafe Omotesando, Tokyo 
Jingumae MM Building 1F 4-9-2 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
5 minutes walk from Omotesando-station, 12 minutes from Harajuku-station

I created the whimsy, cute, and Surrealistic artworks, and I hope I can share them with you.
It's not the gallery but the cafe, so please order some drinks when you come.
I'll exhibit the original paintings and my children's book dummies, and you can buy some posters, postcards, and character figures.

Reception: Oct. 9th Saturday 6-8pm
I'll be there this time and hope I can meet many people! Please look for me when you come.
I'll be there also on Oct 1st 11am and 10th or 11th Lunch time.
I'm thinking to draw something on the postcards for everyone who comes to the reception if I have enough time. If you have already known when and what time you can come, please let me know!
Looking forward to seeing you all!!

I used to live in the U.S. for 11 years and came back to Japan last year. Now I feel like I'm a jellyfish in the forest in Japan... It's so weird, but I've been experiencing many opposite culture shocks everyday....All the animals on the painting represent something that I felt weird about the Japanese culture..... The panda boss forces the other animals to be looked like him, others just love to be placed in the small place... etc.... and the fish on the tree is the friends in NY.... miss you all~~!!

Jul 29, 2010

The Camel

Hope everyone is doing well this summer. It's been really hot these days, and I felt like painting of a camel.... The girl and 3 baby beans are the same ones that appeared on "The Pink Elephant" illustration. My sister told me that the flower on the sky looked like the birth of the new star! I didn't know she was good at making a story. Someday I'll make the children's book of them....
I used the acrylics and the colored pencils on the watercolor paper.

残暑お見舞い申し上げます〜〜。 みなさまお元気でおすごしですか?

Jun 29, 2010

"Laconic" Postcards

These are the postcard designs for "Laconic", the jewelry store in Prangin Mall Complex, Penang, Malaysia! It's so amazing that someone in other country saw my blog and gave the job! I made 6 postcards out of 1 illustration, and each postcard includes one of their jewelries. It was fun because I could illustrate whatever I wanted! I used the acrylics and the colored pencils on the illustration board.


Jun 16, 2010

Pago Bakery Birthday Card

My sister asked me to make the birthday cards for her friends, so I made this Pago (Pancake Gorilla), my new character's card. He is the owner chef at the Pago's Bakery, and the polar bear is his assistant. He goes to deliver the huge birthday cupcake!! The name of the birthday girl would be on the bottom ribbon.
For some reason,  I love them sooooo much because they are sooooooo cute and make me happy!!! but I cannot find them in Japan....
The left one is the front of the card, and the right one is the inside. I drew the illustrations with the pen on paper and added the colors on Photoshop.
I've been making hundreds of greeting cards at the design studio in NY, but because I don't hold the copyrights, I'm not allowed to put them on the blog.... so I'm glad that I'm finally able to post this here!
The next 4 characters are from my clay artworks @ Design Festa. The last ilustration is the shy big grape and the small one. I painted with acrylics about 2 years ago, and I recently adjusted the colors and added some patterns on Photoshop.

下の4つのキャラはこの前のデザフェス用につくった粘土作品の子たちです。 下のは引きこもりぶどうくんと小さなぶどうくんの絵です。2年くらい前にアクリルで描いて、最近ちょっとフォトショップで手直してみました。

May 19, 2010

Design Festa vol.31

Thank you so much for everyone who came to our booth!!
It was first time to have the booth, but it was successful because many people helped me a lot!
My father and sister came over in the early morning to help me to set up the booth, and my mother made our lunch!
Many my friends bought the postcards, pens, and prints....
and they brought the drinks, food, and flowers....
and at the end, they stayed and helped cleaning up the booth!!!
I got so much help from many people, and I had a really good time!
Thank you thank you thank you sooooooo much!!!


Some stories are behind on every my illustration, so I'll write about them one by one on this blog. I really wanted to tell each story to the people who bought the postcards and prints, but I didn't have enough time. Hope they check this blog to find out what were the stories of the illustrations they bought!


I found out that a lot of people like my pen-and-ink drawings. The # 1 sale was "The Bird Apartment" because I got the huge poster on the booth, but 2nd sales were all line drawings; "The Peacock Fish", " The Sun, the moon, and the Sirens", and " The Giraffe", all line drawings!!
I thought Japanese people might like only cute stuff, but they do like some whimsy different styles!!
But they don't like the illustrations that were too Surrealistic.... I got the good reactions from  people from other countries about my oil paintings, but not in here....
It was really good to know what kind of my styles were accepted in Japan!
Thanks everyone for visiting our booth!!


May 5, 2010


I finally finished making the clay artworks!!! They are the pens, accessories for the cell phones, and some clips. They are for the Design Festa vol. 31 on May 15th and 16th!
I used the really high quality super light clay made of the resin. First, I tried with the cheap bad quality paper clay, then couple days later, they all shank..... They looked really cute when I made them, but they turned to 100 years old characters with lots of wrinkles.... The worst thing was that I found it out after making more than 30 pens.... It was really shocking and sad but also funny. I might display the grandpa and grandma characters just for fun :p

最初の30本以上のペンは、安い紙粘土でつくったのですが、何日かたったらかなり縮んでしまって おじいちゃん、おばあちゃんキャラに変身していました。。。かなりショックだったのですが、あまりの変わりように笑ってしまいました。場所があったらブースに飾るかもしれないです。

The pink one is the "Pinguin" as pink penguin from my children's book. I changed the eyes, so it looked different, but it's him!

and the light blue one is "Kuma-kun".  I made this bear character when I was in elementary school... I just remembered him recently.

The green one is my new character, Pago-chan as the pancake gorilla! I know he doesn't look like gorilla, but he is.... The pancake is on his head by accident, but he likes it and wears it as the hat. When he gets hungry, he will eat it...

The last one is Magda the cat. The name is from my friend who loves the cats. The cat has the odd eye, one green and the other is blue. She is always thinking something funny... and when she thinks of the good idea to make people laugh, the third ear will come up between two ears.