Jan 6, 2019

Uribo on the Jomon Pottery

"Uribo on the Jomon Pottery"
Acrylics, Colored Pencils, Ink, and Pens on the Water Color Paper.

It's the year of the boar in 2019, so I draw the baby boar called "Uribo" in Japanese.
I went to the exhibition of Jomon period in summer in Tokyo, and I was really inspired by the potteries!! The Jomon period might have began about 15000 years ago and last until 2300 years ago. The complicated organic designs are powerful yet elegant, and I felt like the potteries are even alive. So I wanted to add the patterns for my new year's card! The Jomon design in my illustration is not the wall, but it's part of the huge Jomon pottery, and it has the water inside. The tiny Uribo is on the edge of the pottery after so much journeys to climb the maze of the huge pottery. Some characters like birds and fish live in the holes, so they help him to reach to the top of it.
Wishing you a peaceful year and your dreams come true!