Jan 4, 2020

The Pink Tree with the Mice

"The Pink Tree with the Mice"
Acrylics, Colored Pencils, and Oil Pastels on Water Colored Paper.

It's the year of the mouse in 2020, so I painted the mice family doing Hanami in the cold winter by seeing the pink tree. It's not the cherry blossom, but I was trying to paint a tree to make everyone feels warmness. Some of my friends lost their family members and their pets last year, and I wanted to something for them, but there is not much thing that I could do.... I hope this tree makes them feel warmer....
The river is representing the sad feeling and also the deep memories of their family and pets. The pink tree grows up by the water of the river, and it's warm around the tree even in winter. The subtle glitters are coming down from the tree like the rain, melted into the land, and became like the nutrition for the snow flowers around the tree.
I'm wishing you all a peaceful and healthy year!!