Jan 2, 2021

Ox with Three Peas and Girl

It's the year of ox in 2021. 

The right side of the painting is the dark forest of 2020, and the left side is the bright forest of 2021.

This is one of the Dream series of a green-hair girl and 3 peas. They are continuing their journey, and this time they are with the strong ox to go through the river. 

This is the first time the girl opened her eyes. I think it's the time that she has to wake up.... 

The rolling balls could be something negative like the COVID19 or something positive like warm feelings of caring others. I hope that we all could move on to the better year together.

There have been so many horrible things happening everywhere in the world; the corona virus, the natural disasters, the wars, and much more.... 

I've been worried about all my family and friends.... I hope the peace, health, and happiness for everyone! Please stay safe, and take care of your health and others!

 "Ox with Three Peas and Girl" 

Pens, Acrylics, and Colored Pencils on Water Color Paper.