“Pago-chan” as the pancake gorilla. The green gorilla gets the pancake on his head by accident, but he likes it and wears it as the hat. He often shows it off to get the compliment, but when he gets hungry, he will eat it...

パ ンケーキが大好きなみどりゴリラが転んでパンケーキが頭にのっかってしまいました。でもふと鏡を見たらすてきな帽子に見えたので、帽子としてかぶることにしました。パンケーキゴリラで”ぱごちゃん”です。ほめてもらうためによく散歩にでかけます。でもおなかがすくと食べてしまいます。


"Piguins", the pink penguins. The story is about the pinguin brothers' journey. The big one is too quiet, so his parents encourage him to go find the new kind flower by himself for their flower shop. The little one is really active but worry about his brother, and he secretly follows him. They get lost in the bunny's forest, goes to the bird castle on the cloud, and finally find the flower in the lake...

Pinguins Flower Delivery

Pinguins in the Lake
Pinguins and the Flower