Jan 4, 2022

The Tiger with Twin Mushrooms

Hope everyone is doing well....

It's the year of the tiger, and I tried to draw the tiger for the first time!

I thought the tiger would eat my characters but not the mushrooms, so I think they are the good combination.  

The tiger is surrounded by the botanical patterns and has two tails. My friend told me that she looks determined and friendly, and it was exactly what I was trying to express through her eyes. The twin mushrooms were first appeared in my illustraion in the year of the bird, and this is 2nd time. They have so much energy and care others.  

The fiest image is the original illustration, and I made the closeup image in Photoshop for the 2nd one.  

I really hope this year will be departure of darkness and the arrival of light. Wishing you all the health and peace!  

"The Tiger with Twin Mushrooms"  

Pen and Watercolor on Watercolor Paper