Jan 5, 2012

The Sea Dragon

It's been a year since I updated the last post... Time goes so fast....  I was really lucky that all my family, my friends, and I are not affected seriously by the 3.11 earthquake disaster. It still remains so much problems, and I just wish that things get better....

Talking about myself, I got the full-time job right before the disaster, and I've been working as the surface designer for interior and products at the printing company. I don't have much time to create the new art but finally had a chance to make the new year's card.

I painted the sea horse. It's the year of dragon in Chinese zodiac in 2012, and we call the sea horse as the baby dragon in Japanese.

I just wish you all a happy, healthy, and peaceful year 2012.

"The Sea Dragon"
Acrylic and ink on watercolor paper.
I just wanted to paint something peaceful using the icon of the dragon. The little scrolls are representing the wishes and hopes.
The little bubbles are born from the deep cold sea, fly to the sky, and gather with everyone to create the warm cloud.