May 19, 2010

Design Festa vol.31

Thank you so much for everyone who came to our booth!!
It was first time to have the booth, but it was successful because many people helped me a lot!
My father and sister came over in the early morning to help me to set up the booth, and my mother made our lunch!
Many my friends bought the postcards, pens, and prints....
and they brought the drinks, food, and flowers....
and at the end, they stayed and helped cleaning up the booth!!!
I got so much help from many people, and I had a really good time!
Thank you thank you thank you sooooooo much!!!


Some stories are behind on every my illustration, so I'll write about them one by one on this blog. I really wanted to tell each story to the people who bought the postcards and prints, but I didn't have enough time. Hope they check this blog to find out what were the stories of the illustrations they bought!


I found out that a lot of people like my pen-and-ink drawings. The # 1 sale was "The Bird Apartment" because I got the huge poster on the booth, but 2nd sales were all line drawings; "The Peacock Fish", " The Sun, the moon, and the Sirens", and " The Giraffe", all line drawings!!
I thought Japanese people might like only cute stuff, but they do like some whimsy different styles!!
But they don't like the illustrations that were too Surrealistic.... I got the good reactions from  people from other countries about my oil paintings, but not in here....
It was really good to know what kind of my styles were accepted in Japan!
Thanks everyone for visiting our booth!!