May 5, 2010


I finally finished making the clay artworks!!! They are the pens, accessories for the cell phones, and some clips. They are for the Design Festa vol. 31 on May 15th and 16th!
I used the really high quality super light clay made of the resin. First, I tried with the cheap bad quality paper clay, then couple days later, they all shank..... They looked really cute when I made them, but they turned to 100 years old characters with lots of wrinkles.... The worst thing was that I found it out after making more than 30 pens.... It was really shocking and sad but also funny. I might display the grandpa and grandma characters just for fun :p

最初の30本以上のペンは、安い紙粘土でつくったのですが、何日かたったらかなり縮んでしまって おじいちゃん、おばあちゃんキャラに変身していました。。。かなりショックだったのですが、あまりの変わりように笑ってしまいました。場所があったらブースに飾るかもしれないです。

The pink one is the "Pinguin" as pink penguin from my children's book. I changed the eyes, so it looked different, but it's him!

and the light blue one is "Kuma-kun".  I made this bear character when I was in elementary school... I just remembered him recently.

The green one is my new character, Pago-chan as the pancake gorilla! I know he doesn't look like gorilla, but he is.... The pancake is on his head by accident, but he likes it and wears it as the hat. When he gets hungry, he will eat it...

The last one is Magda the cat. The name is from my friend who loves the cats. The cat has the odd eye, one green and the other is blue. She is always thinking something funny... and when she thinks of the good idea to make people laugh, the third ear will come up between two ears.