Apr 13, 2010

The Sun, the Moon, and the Sirens

I rent the booth for the Tokyo Design Festa with my college  friend Jason. It's the biggest art event in Tokyo, and there will be more than 2700 booths. It's on May 15th and 16th @ Tokyo Big Site. Hope you can come!

and I finally finished this piece!! I've been working on this since few months ago. This is the scene that the sun goes to sleep and the moon wakes up. I just got into the Greek myth so much somehow and wanted to draw some of them. They are the Sirens who have the bird bodies.

I painted with the watercolors on top of the acrylic brown ink drawing. I enjoyed drawing the details, but I'm not going to use the pen and ink for a while... it was so much work more than I expected.




I got the illustration job for the watercolor painting of the flower. It's going to be the postcard and will be sold at the health center. I haven't done the realistic watercolor paining for a long time, so it was fun too.